Hair brushes - so many out there, and you probably have owned quite a few of those over the years. But have you ever wondered which one is the right for you? 
There are plenty of blogs out there praising the various types of hair straighteners and curling wands, and yet the humble hair brush has always been overlooked. So we thought that for a change, we would write a blog glorifying the ever-so-important hair brush. 
There are so many kinds of hair brushes on the market and each one has a different job, helping you achieve a desired style and making your hair look fabulous. But, do you know which one to use for what, and are you using the right one for your hair? 
Here is our guide on the different hair brushes, and what they are  
used for - 
1. Paddle Hairbrush - also known as flat brush, is used for all hair types. It is known for its ability to quickly detangle hair with ease for medium to thick hair. Its rectangular, flat surface allows the brush to move with great control but also provides exceptional smooth results without breaking the hair. Bare in mind - These brushes come with different types of bristles, and so if your hair is thick, go for nylon or synthetic bristles, whereas if your hair is finer, opt for more natural bristles or wood. 
2. Round Hairbrush - These brushes will help you achieve the perfect blowdry, even at home! (though a little practice is needed). They are designed for medium to thick hair, and typically made with metal or ionic barrel which delivers better heat distribution when using with your hair dryer. The round brush helps tame frizz and delivers some much needed bounce to your hair. If you hair is on the finer side, you can still use a round brush, but we would not recommend a metal one with nylon bristles, but instead opt for a mixed natural bristles or natural boar round brush. 
The other thing to consider when going for a round brush would be the size of the barrel - this will have a huge impact on finished result. The 2 things you need to consider when choosing the size are - the length of your hair and the size of the curl/wave you are trying to achieve. Small barrels are designed for short hair if you are aiming for more volume at the roots, or will help achieve smaller curls, and bigger barrels are better for longer hair and will help achieve a more softer/open curls, or are used for a straighter/smoother finish. 
3. Teasing Hairbrush - These brushes are great for all hair types and are designed to give you an easy way to create a root-lift and a feeling of fullness. It is great for teasing your hair and assist your updo's, adding texture to blow dryes and teasing the roots when you want to add some clip-in extensions. They usually come with pointy ends which assist in sectioning your hair. 
Points to consider - These brushes are not recommended if you hair is very fine or fragile, and using them too often can be harsh on your hair's condition. 
4. Wide Tooth Comb - Though not a brush, but a comb, it is still an important tool for your hair regime. It is the best tool to brush out wet hair, which is most prone to breakage. It is also the best tool to distribute a hair treatment or a leave-in product. Please remember - When combing out hair, start from the bottom/ends and progress to the roots and not the other way around to avoid knotting the hair more and create unnecessary damage. 
5. Detangling Hairbrush - This brush is specifically designed to release tangled hair when the hair is wet. They are made with wider, soft plastic bristles which is organized in a specific way to help comb out the knots painlessly and easily. 
6. Tail Comb - Or as we call it "pin-tail comb", is designed to assist you to easily section your hair using its skinny-long end. It can also be used for back-combing your hair. 
7. Boar bristle Hairbrush - Though it doesn't look like the most dainty brush our there, it is in fact the best brush to use for fine and delicate hair. These are designed to glide through the hair without snagging and pulling and they assist to evenly distribute natural oils from the scalp though the hair. 
8. Vented Hairbrush - The best time saving brush out there! The holes on the back of the vented brush allow for air circulation when you rough dry your hair to help speed up the drying process. With this brush your hair will dry in no time. 
So to sum it up, with so many brushes to choose from, we hope this little manual helped put some sense into your hair regime and make it easier the next time you are going brush-shopping. Happy brushing! 
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