We care for our planet! 

Here at Miyu Boutique Salon we do our best to be enviromentally friendly, as we believe that we have one planet that we need to care for. 
We would like to share with you a few things we have implemented in the salon, from a sustainability point - as it is our way to be kind to our planet. 
We want you to see your fresh cut and colour well, so we have lots of lights in the salon. We use low energy LED lights throughout the business to help reduce the carbon footprint. 
Smart timers and motion sensors are used in the salon so energy is used only when needed. 
Low energy Air conditioning units are used so we can make you feel comfortable and still reduce our carbon footprint. 
We recycle our waste as much as possible. 
We use Vish smart scaling system that helps us reduce our hair colour waste, so less of it is washed down the drain - that means less pollution. 
We use only fair trade coffee beans and fair trade tea for our refreshments. 
We use EcoHeads high pressure taps in our wash basins that help reduce water waste when we wash your hair. 
We use high efficiency, low energy washing machine and heat-pump dryer - so you can still have your fresh towels but with less impact to the environment.  
Our retail bags are made entirely from recycled paper. 
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