You must have heard it somewhere - your friend, a relative, your partner, but you never knew whether to believe it or not. Well we have gathered 12 of the biggest hair myths and are here to set the record straight - are they really true or should you believe otherwise? 
1. Does cutting your hair frequently really make it grow faster? 
Our answer: Trimming your hair doesn't affect its growth - this happens at the scalp. However, the reason we recommend cutting hair frequently is that untidy ends make hair look thinner and can cause breakage, so when you cut them off, your hair will appear fuller and thicker. 
2. The more you brush your hair, the healthier it will be. 
Our answer: Brushing your hair 100 times a day has no value in keeping your hair in top condition! In fact, over brushing can damage your hair's cuticle and may do more harm than good. Brush your hair only when it is knotty and leave it otherwise. 
3. Is color treated hair really unhealthy? 
Our answer: Unless the only color you are happy with is platinum white and bleached hair makes you happy, coloring hair actually plumps up your strands and makes your hair feel fuller. The reason for that, is that in the process of coloring, your hair is filled up with color molecules which thickens it. 
As long as you are having your hair professionally colored in the salon, you shouldn't be worried about putting some color on your hair. 
4. You cannot dye your hair when you are pregnant. 
Our answer: The concern with coloring your hair when you are pregnant is associated with inhaling ammonia, and not with the color being absorbed into the scalp. But the levels of ammonia are so low that if you have your hair done in a salon that has good ventilation, it should not cause for a concern. 
5. Changing shampoos frequently will benefit your hair. 
Our answer: If you want to have different effects for your hair (like volumizing, hydrating, detoxifying), then it is alright to switch shampoos from time to time. But it is perfectly fine to use the same shampoo every time you wash your hair. The choice is yours. 
6. Air drying your hair is healthier than blow-drying. 
Our answer: There are days which you really want to spare your hair from that hot blast. But researches have found that as much as blow drying causes damage to the hair's surface, air-drying can create damage deeper within the strands. This is caused when the interior of the hair swells when exposed to water for extended periods of time, creating more damage than heat styling. The solution - use the lowest heat setting on your dryer and hold it not too close to your hair, moving it continuously so you won't concentrate your heat on one spot too long. 
7. You should towel-dry your hair. 
Our answer: If like Most you exit the shower and immediately reach for the towel and rub the hair dry vigorously, think again. This is actually bad for your hair and can promote more breakage. Instead - gently squeeze your hair with a towel and then comb it with a gentle brush to remove excess water. If you have to use a towel - do it gently to blot dry the hair. 
8. If you pluck one grey hair, two will grow back in its place. 
Our answer: Sorry to be the ones to ruin this myth, but more grey strands would have grown after anyway! Once your hair starts to go grey, there is no going back. However, it doesn't mean you should get depressed, but rather celebrate your silvers or just book an appointment with your colorist and get those greys covered or blended. 
9. Cold water will make your hair shinier and frizz free. 
Our answer: It is not going to make your hair shinier if it is not already shiny. However, as it helps close up the cuticle, if your hair is naturally shiny, it will help support its natural shine. Regarding the frizz free effect, the moment your hair meets the towel after, or even the hair dryer, this effect wears off. So do yourself a favor and skip the ice cold showers. 
10. If you leave your hair unwashed long enough, it will clean itself. 
Our answer: This is completely untrue. Clean scalp and hair means a healthier scalp and hair. You should wash and condition your hair regularly, otherwise, scalp that is left uncleaned for a few days can become flaky, itchy and uncomfortable and the hair itself can become dull and knotted. On the other side, hair that is washed too often can be stripped of its natural oils and can become too dry. The best way to test that is by trial and error and seeing what works best for you. 
11. Conditioner and other products can repair split ends. 
Our answer: This is by all means not true. No matter what conditioner or products you use, and what promises are given to you, it is not possible to repair split ends. Moreover, the split ends can travel upwards towards your root, So the best solution is to get yourself a nice trim in the salon and get rid of those split ends. 
12. You should wash your hair before you get it colored to get a better color. 
Our answer: Not true as all. Washing your hair before your color appointment strips your scalp of its natural oils that can protect against the aggressive chemical coloring process. This is even more important if you are having a bleach application on your scalp. It will not give you a 100% protection, but it will subdue the tingling or itchy sensation that can be caused during this process. 
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