So, you’ve bought the latest style magazine, browsed through the pictures and wondered why some styles look so great on certain people while others look completely the opposite. You probably also wondered what celebrity style would look best on you. 
In reality, every person can wear any hairstyle they wish for, but ultimately, some styles would naturally look much better on them than others. 
To explain this better, each person has a distinctive face shape that defines them, and these are split into 6 main shapes – Oval, Square, Round, Rectangle, Heart and Diamond. 
However, not many people will have only one very distinctive face shape that will place them into one category, most will have a combination of features from different shapes. But this guide can surely lead you in the right direction when you try to understand the right style for you. 
Before we continue, it is important to say that what is important for you, such as your personality or the length of hair, is what we as hairdressers should listen to. We should also take into consideration your hair texture and other elements. But it is most important to remember that everyone is different and that you don’t have to follow each rule in the book, whether it is about hair, makeup, clothes or just generally speaking. 
Here are the 6 main shapes, and what styles most suit each of them - 
1. Oval shape - 
Main features: This shape has a well-balanced appearance, and can suit most haircuts, and offers many style possibilities. 
Suitable styles: This shape can wear most styles, so you could follow whatever hair trend you like. The most flattering tends to be long layers, shoulder length waves, full fringe, layered bob or a side swept pixie. However, to narrow down your options, focus on styles that fit your hair texture, personality and lifestyle. 
2. Square shape -  
Main features: A broad forehead, wide cheek bones and a strong jawline. 
Suitable styles: Consider side parted style which can offset the squareness, or long and light layers. For a shorter style, go for a short, layered bob with a wispy fringe. You can go for a blunt fringe which is longer on the sides, or a sipe swept one. Either of them will soften your features. 
3. Round shape - 
Main features: Similar length and width of the face, as well as prominent rounded cheeks. 
Suitable styles: Best suitable for haircuts that are below the chin level or hit the shoulders. This shape fits well haircuts that aim to elongate the face, like long straight hair, long voluminous waves, shaggy bobs and if you are going for shorter styles, add more volume on the top to elongate the shape. 
4. Rectangle shape - 
Main features: similar to square shape, this shape appears have sharp jaws and forehead. 
When the width of the forehead, cheeks and jawline are nearly the same. 
Suitable styles: The longer the hair is, the longer it will make your face look. Choose shorter haircuts with plenty of volume. Add a side swept, rounded or wispy fringe to soften the shape. 
5. Heart shape - 
Main features: This shape tends to have a beautiful bone structure, Broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline, that is neither too hard or too soft. 
Suitable styles: Long side swept fringe will look lovely on this shape, whereas face framing layers will draw attention down to the bottom of the face. Another style which can work will be a side parted pixie or a medium length bob. This shape benefits from volume along the sides. 
6. Diamond shape - 
Main features: This is an angular shape that is usually defined by high cheekbones, a pointy chin and a narrower forehead. 
Suitable styles: To accentuate the cheekbones, try a quirky short cropped cut, or soften it with a long, face framing layered look. Add a fringe that hits around the cheekbone to really make a statement. 
And just before we finish, here our Top Tip! Can there be a one haircut fits all (or most)? 
This is the question everyone has been asking. Is there a hairstyle that can look great on you regardless of your face shape? The answer is – yes there is! The bob haircut, which can be adapted to suit everyone, is a universal haircut which can suit most people. 
For fine hair, no layers can give the illusion of weight, whereas of thick hair can be gently layered and the weight thinned from within to remove the bulkiness. Not ready for an over-the-shoulders bob? Consider going for a stylish Lob (that’s Long bob for you), to create that fashion statement. 
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