Let's talk about hair protection

Face it - summer is here.....well, for a few days at least.
So if you’re off on holiday, catching some rays in your garden, or hitting the pool, protect your hair from sun-damage and keep all its shine and your colour intense with Wella Sun Range!

Here are the three amazing products and their benefits for you (and by the way, they smell Devine) -

1. We’ll start with what we think is most important - The Sun Protection Spray -

* Protects hair from UV Ray's with SPF.
* Has vitamin complex.
* High performance UV protection for before and during sun exposure.
* Shake to wake and activate the 2 high performance formulas.

2. Hair And Body Shampoo (yes 2 in 1 that we love) -

* Gently helps to remove impurities from sunscreen, salt and chlorine water while actively restoring moisture your hair and body’s moisture.
* Leaves hair and body feeling invigorated.
* contains Vitamin E.
* Ideal product for people who swim regularly.
* 2-in-1 products means one less product to pack in your case or swim bag!

3. Sun Express Conditioner -

* High performance cream conditioner.
* Deeply repairs and nourishes your hair.
* Contains Vitamin E.
* Leaves hair smooth, healthy looking and soft to the touch.

So the next time you’re enjoying the sun, don't just apply SPF to your skin, think about your hair too. Don’t just take our word for it – try it, and your day in the sun is going to get a whole lot better!