So you think you know how to wash your hair properly? Do you just want to get it out of the way or do you have a meticulous ritual for it?
Here in the salon we take care of every aspect of your hair treatment - from washing, to styling, to advising you of the best products to use for your lovely locks, but we thought it would be great to give you a few tips to help you get the best out of your hair - starting from your next wash.
Learning how to properly shampoo your hair will have a huge impact on the shine, bounce, and brilliance of your hair.
Healthy hair requires proper maintenance and it all begins with a healthy scalp.
Here are the steps we advise you to take to achieve that -

Step 1 - Begin by gently brushing your hair before you get into the shower, from the scalp to the ends. It will reduce the amount of hair that gets in your drain, reduce breakage and stimulate circulation in your scalp. Remember - start your brushing from the ends and slowly progress to your mid-lengths and scalp, otherwise, those knots will become unbearable!

Step 2 - Wet your hair thoroughly, and apply a small amount of shampoo to the palm of your hand (you can always add more later, whereas starting with a huge amount will be harder to rinse and will feel heavy on your hair). Start by lathering the hair at the roots and work your way down - your main purpose is to break the oil and dirt that accumulates on your scalp, and the rest gets clean thereafter.

Step 3 - Don't be tempted to think that if your hair is fully lathered you are ready to rinse - Give yourself a good two-minute scalp massage with your fingertips. Gently massage your scalp in circular motions. If you feel that the shampoo is not lathering as before, add a bit of water and work it into the hair. This action emulsifies your shampoo so that it can reach its full cleansing potential, while improving your scalp blood circulation.

Step 4 - Once you finish the last step, you can rinse away all the oils and grime in your hair that accumulated since your last wash. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water (not boiling hot) until you feel there is no product or dirt left.

Step 5 - You can repeat shampooing your hair if necessary, or if you feel that the dirt hasn't all been cleansed. But if you feel that your hair is clean, another shampoo isn't going to give you any more benefit, so save your time.

Step 6 - Once you feel your hair is completely cleansed, squeeze some of the water from your hair (not to dilute the product) and add conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends only, as the purpose of the conditioner is to bring your hairs' PH balance back to normal, help close the cuticles, detangle and hydrate it, and make it more manageable. Do not feel tempted to put the conditioner on your scalp, but only bring the conditioner from your mid-lengths and ends towards your scalp briefly at the end (otherwise - hello greasy scalp!). If it is a hot day - rinse your hair with cold water to completely seal the cuticles, otherwise, rinse with lukewarm water and not blazing hot.

We hope you enjoy your new shampooing regime. Feel free to share with us how amazing your hair feels.