The revolutionary OLAPLEX™ is now available at Miyu Boutique Salon.
OLAPLEX™ - “One ingredient changes everything”
New and revolutionary, OLAPLEX™ is an upgrade service for hair colouring. It was designed by scientists Dr Eric Pressly PHD in Materials and Dr Craig Hawker PHD in Chemistry, both coming from outside the world of cosmetic science.
OLAPLEX™ is a single active ingredient, designed to reconnect the disulphide bonds broken by the process of permanent hair colouring and lightening. OLAPLEX™ is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens.
OLAPLEX™ - The Celebrities' Favourite - Olaplex hair treatment took America by storm in 2015 when Hollywood hairdressers started using it on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gwenyth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. In 2016 it’s been doing the same in the UK.
Now your hair can benefit from this amazing
new treatment.

OLAPLEX™ - For Coloured Hair - When applied continuously over a long period, even the highest quality professional hair colour can cause damage and breakage to your hair. OLAPLEX™ hair treatment can repair that damage and dramatically reduce breakage, prolonging the life and vibrancy of your colour.

OLAPLEX™ - For Dry or Damaged Hair - If you feel your hair is prone to breakage or is dry and brittle after being exposed to heat, sunshine, hair straighteners or mechanical straightening, then OLAPLEX™ will offer you an amazing experience. The results are instantly visible and you can feel the difference straight away. The unique strengthening properties of OLAPLEX™ are virtually permanent and will only be lessened by normal day-to-day wear and tear such as more heat, sun etc.