Over the summer, we bet lots of you attended festivals, so how did you wear your hair for ease of style and yet still look fab?
Well braids / plaits are the here and now of style, simple yet effective!

Most celebrities are rocking plaits and braids either alone or incorporated into most styles, like messy buns, into bows or even
pinned (to make a headband) with the hair either straight, curled or weaved.

Whether you are inspired by pop stars and reality personalities or not, Plaits and braids are not only celebrity territory,
but can be for all ages - from infants and teenagers to young adults and adults, it all depends on how you finish the style off.

In today’s social media there are lots of “how to” demo’s showing you how to create amazing yet simple and stylish results. It might be tricky at first but with a little bit of practice you can create fabulous styles (or pop to our salon and we’ll do that for you). We put together a few examples of plaits that hopefully will inspire your next night out.. (Salon hair images by Sarah Laws)