As a result of centuries of coal mining and other heavy industry, large areas of the midlands' landscape had been left ruined. Then, around 25 years ago, a passionate group of people had a vision to create a forest - the first of its scale to be created in more than a 1000 years. The transformation was incredible, turning what was a black landscape into luscious green.

The National Forest started as an idea that, like a tiny seed, was planted and nurtured until it grew into what it is today - 200 square miles of mixed habitat forest that have breathed life into the landscape and transformed communities and lives. Farmers have become foresters and children have experienced forest schools. Some 8.9 million trees have been planted to date, and today it is recognised as one of the most ambitious and imaginative regeneration projects in the country.

The National Forest reforestation area is located in the heart of England, embracing 200 square miles of the Midlands. It extends over parts of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffrdshire., and aims to connect the two ancient forests of Charnwood and Needwood.

Davines is supporting the National Forest project for the reforestation and maintenance of nature in vast areas on the English Midlands that have been ruined over the years, transforming the landscape from black to green. They believe that trees are the catalyst for transformation, not only of the landscape, bur also of the economy and our communities. By continuing to cultivate the forest, making it accessible to all and creating forest culture of passionate people who can engage in it, the National Forest can provide a lasting benefit for future generations.

The National Forest is aiming to have nine million trees planted by 2021, currently short of 35,000 trees. That's where Davines comes in; They have produced vegan and sustainable soy wax candles with a black tea scent and 100% profits from the sale of the candles will go towards planting the 35,000 trees needed to help The National Forest foundation create more woodlands and regenerate the area.

The quantity of these candles is limited so pop in soon to get yours and help create a place we grow in together.

Lets help make a piece of history!

(This article was written with the help of Davines, The National Forest foundation and Lauretta and Nicky of "Life in Orpington" magazine.)