The revolutionary OLAPLEX™ is now available at Miyu Boutique Salon.
OLAPLEX™ - “One ingredient changes everything”
New and revolutionary, OLAPLEX™ is an upgrade service for hair colouring. It was designed by scientists Dr Eric Pressly PHD in Materials and Dr Craig Hawker PHD in Chemistry, both coming from outside the world of cosmetic science.
OLAPLEX™ is a single active ingredient, designed to reconnect the disulphide bonds broken by the process of permanent hair colouring and lightening. OLAPLEX™ is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens.
OLAPLEX™ - The Celebrities' Favourite - Olaplex hair treatment took America by storm in 2015 when Hollywood hairdressers started using it on celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Gwenyth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. In 2016 it’s been doing the same in the UK.
Now your hair can benefit from this amazing
new treatment.

OLAPLEX™ - For Coloured Hair - When applied continuously over a long period, even the highest quality professional hair colour can cause damage and breakage to your hair. OLAPLEX™ hair treatment can repair that damage and dramatically reduce breakage, prolonging the life and vibrancy of your colour.

OLAPLEX™ - For Dry or Damaged Hair - If you feel your hair is prone to breakage or is dry and brittle after being exposed to heat, sunshine, hair straighteners or mechanical straightening, then OLAPLEX™ will offer you an amazing experience. The results are instantly visible and you can feel the difference straight away. The unique strengthening properties of OLAPLEX™ are virtually permanent and will only be lessened by normal day-to-day wear and tear such as more heat, sun etc.


Love it or hate, we believe that curly hair is amazing only if you know how to take good care of it and style it properly. After all, no one like a bad hair day, especially when it comes to curls!
We have gathered a few tips and advises to help you take care of these bouncy locks, and hopefully it will help you make the best of your hair!

1. Shampoo less, or not at all - The best way to shampoo curly hair is with a 100% sulfate free shampoo (like the "Living proof conditioning wash"). Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a harsh salt ingredient which is present in most shampoos on the market and is damaging to hair, and particularly to curls. If you have fine hair - cleanse your hair every other day; For thicker hair - you can easily go three or more days without wash.

2. Hydrate - Your Curls need lots of moisture, so don't forget to hydrate, otherwise the hair could look frizzy and more tangled. We recommend "Co-washing" your hair - meaning washing your hair from time to time with conditioner rather than with shampoos. It might not lather and make you feel like your hair is clean, but it will give you bouncier, more glossy curls.

3. Condition is key - The curlier the hair, the longer it take for natural oils to reach from the scalp to the ends, causing your mid-lengths to ends to appear dry and lifeless. Start in the shower by adding a good conditioner to your hair, and then add a Leave-in conditioner on damp hair after. Blend it with light texturising sprays for soft curls, and with mousse and styling creams for more defined curls.

4. Style your hair when it's wet, not dry - Before you rush to dry your hair with your towel, stop! Apply your styling products before you even leave the shower (or once you squeeze some of the water out of your hair) and you will find that your hair will have less frizz and more manageable. Apply the products from your ends to roots, scrunch your hair or even finger twist it in big sections.

5. Lower alcohol based products - Styling products which contain high levels of alcohol suck the moisture in your hair, dry it and give curls a crunchy, matty look. Hair sprays contain the most alcohol content, whilst mousses and gels have less. Try to use soluble gels and foamy mousses for hold, and if you want to wear your hair more casual, better to use creams for softness.

6. Don't bug you hair too much - The more you try to mould your curly hair to shape, the more you disturb the cuticle of your hair, creating frizz. Cutting down friction is key to good styling so try to stop rubbing your hair with your towel, and instead blot dry it (preferably with a microfibre cloth (remember to apply your styling product first).

7. Diffuser anyone? - Regular hairdryer nozzle shoots hair in one direction and focuses the air in one area, whilst a diffuser dries hair evenly for a fuller look. After applying your styling products (don't forget your heat protection), flip your head upside down, and diffuse your roots and mid-lengths (for best results we recommend you use medium heat and medium speed on your hairdryer). Once these areas are dry, diffuse your ends last, and only semi dry them, as they tend to be more damaged and look best if they are left to air dry.

8. Change your brush - Bristles (natural or synthetic) tend to disturb your hair and the formation of your curls, and create more frizz. Start to break the tangled hair gently in the shower with your fingers, and brush the rest using a wide tooth comb (starting at the ends and going towards the roots).

9. Reduce the heat - Curls that come a lot in contact with heat loose their spiral shape, and will become more limp with time. Try to reduce using heat on your hair to twice a week maximum, and use lower hear if you are using flat irons. If you notice your curls lost their bounce, avoid using heat for a while and use a conditioning mask to bring back your hairs elasticity and fullness.

10. Sleep in style - Switch your pillow cases to silk, as cotton sucks moisture from your hair, causing frizz. Cotton fibers also tug on hair as you toss and turn. Silk pillowcase cuts on friction and keeps your hair smooth.

We hope you have enjoyed reading this and that you found this information useful. If you have more tips for curly hair, feel free to share them with us.


So you think you know how to wash your hair properly? Do you just want to get it out of the way or do you have a meticulous ritual for it?
Here in the salon we take care of every aspect of your hair treatment - from washing, to styling, to advising you of the best products to use for your lovely locks, but we thought it would be great to give you a few tips to help you get the best out of your hair - starting from your next wash.
Learning how to properly shampoo your hair will have a huge impact on the shine, bounce, and brilliance of your hair.
Healthy hair requires proper maintenance and it all begins with a healthy scalp.
Here are the steps we advise you to take to achieve that -

Step 1 - Begin by gently brushing your hair before you get into the shower, from the scalp to the ends. It will reduce the amount of hair that gets in your drain, reduce breakage and stimulate circulation in your scalp. Remember - start your brushing from the ends and slowly progress to your mid-lengths and scalp, otherwise, those knots will become unbearable!

Step 2 - Wet your hair thoroughly, and apply a small amount of shampoo to the palm of your hand (you can always add more later, whereas starting with a huge amount will be harder to rinse and will feel heavy on your hair). Start by lathering the hair at the roots and work your way down - your main purpose is to break the oil and dirt that accumulates on your scalp, and the rest gets clean thereafter.

Step 3 - Don't be tempted to think that if your hair is fully lathered you are ready to rinse - Give yourself a good two-minute scalp massage with your fingertips. Gently massage your scalp in circular motions. If you feel that the shampoo is not lathering as before, add a bit of water and work it into the hair. This action emulsifies your shampoo so that it can reach its full cleansing potential, while improving your scalp blood circulation.

Step 4 - Once you finish the last step, you can rinse away all the oils and grime in your hair that accumulated since your last wash. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water (not boiling hot) until you feel there is no product or dirt left.

Step 5 - You can repeat shampooing your hair if necessary, or if you feel that the dirt hasn't all been cleansed. But if you feel that your hair is clean, another shampoo isn't going to give you any more benefit, so save your time.

Step 6 - Once you feel your hair is completely cleansed, squeeze some of the water from your hair (not to dilute the product) and add conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends only, as the purpose of the conditioner is to bring your hairs' PH balance back to normal, help close the cuticles, detangle and hydrate it, and make it more manageable. Do not feel tempted to put the conditioner on your scalp, but only bring the conditioner from your mid-lengths and ends towards your scalp briefly at the end (otherwise - hello greasy scalp!). If it is a hot day - rinse your hair with cold water to completely seal the cuticles, otherwise, rinse with lukewarm water and not blazing hot.

We hope you enjoy your new shampooing regime. Feel free to share with us how amazing your hair feels.


We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, the 21st of March 2017, We are launching the amazing products from "Living Proof" in the salon!

We are excited to start using these break-through products on our clients and we look forward to start enjoying their many unique benefits including the award winning and patented healthy hair and volume molecules, and the fact they do not have any parabens, sulfates, oils or silicones makes them the ultimate products to get your hair to that lovely condition you have been longing for.

Join us for a glass of bubbly to celebrate Launch of Living Proof in the salon and if you can't make it don't worry - the full range will be available from there onwards, and we will provide full consultations to help you choose the right product for you hair.

Halloween is fast approaching and to celebrate it we are launching our first ever Halloween contest! So get creative, invite your friends along to participate, and you never know - you might win one of the prizes. We look forward to see how scary or glamorous you can be! Happy Halloween....

Over the summer, we bet lots of you attended festivals, so how did you wear your hair for ease of style and yet still look fab?
Well braids / plaits are the here and now of style, simple yet effective!

Most celebrities are rocking plaits and braids either alone or incorporated into most styles, like messy buns, into bows or even
pinned (to make a headband) with the hair either straight, curled or weaved.

Whether you are inspired by pop stars and reality personalities or not, Plaits and braids are not only celebrity territory,
but can be for all ages - from infants and teenagers to young adults and adults, it all depends on how you finish the style off.

In today’s social media there are lots of “how to” demo’s showing you how to create amazing yet simple and stylish results. It might be tricky at first but with a little bit of practice you can create fabulous styles (or pop to our salon and we’ll do that for you). We put together a few examples of plaits that hopefully will inspire your next night out.. (Salon hair images by Sarah Laws)

Let's talk about hair protection

Face it - summer is here.....well, for a few days at least.
So if you’re off on holiday, catching some rays in your garden, or hitting the pool, protect your hair from sun-damage and keep all its shine and your colour intense with Wella Sun Range!

Here are the three amazing products and their benefits for you (and by the way, they smell Devine) -

1. We’ll start with what we think is most important - The Sun Protection Spray -

* Protects hair from UV Ray's with SPF.
* Has vitamin complex.
* High performance UV protection for before and during sun exposure.
* Shake to wake and activate the 2 high performance formulas.

2. Hair And Body Shampoo (yes 2 in 1 that we love) -

* Gently helps to remove impurities from sunscreen, salt and chlorine water while actively restoring moisture your hair and body’s moisture.
* Leaves hair and body feeling invigorated.
* contains Vitamin E.
* Ideal product for people who swim regularly.
* 2-in-1 products means one less product to pack in your case or swim bag!

3. Sun Express Conditioner -

* High performance cream conditioner.
* Deeply repairs and nourishes your hair.
* Contains Vitamin E.
* Leaves hair smooth, healthy looking and soft to the touch.

So the next time you’re enjoying the sun, don't just apply SPF to your skin, think about your hair too. Don’t just take our word for it – try it, and your day in the sun is going to get a whole lot better!

We are happy to announce our opening party, Saturday the 4th of June, between 12-3pm, and would like to invite you to spend that
special day with us!
We look forward to welcoming you to our new salon for a glass of bubbly.

Opening Party